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Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future

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With the pace of 2018 moving forward, 2017 has become the past, but we still want to review the past year briefly.
In 2017, we developed a lot of new products, but also developed a number of high-end customers, especially, some of the high-end customers have a lot of advanced management concepts and methods, at the beginning of contact was not adapted to, and think that more, even unreasonable. However, the company has overcome many obstacles in choosing to connect with the customer's management model, such as the project management of Su'an customers, the energy they put into developing a new product project, the degree of seriousness and orderly way of dealing with things, and so on, which are very necessary for us to learn. High-end customer audits, let us find a lot of other customer audits did not find problems, which help us continue to refine and standardize our production and management processes. This should make us more convinced that "taking every audit seriously is constantly self-optimizing"; in the past year, with the efforts of all the staff of the company, our sales performance continued to improve, as a high-tech enterprise, highlighting the strong momentum for growth.
Open a new page, in 2018, our ancient city people start again, this year we still have a lot of things to look forward to, the company access to ERP (enterprise resource planning) management system, which will provide a strong data support for many of the company's decisions; the new year we should continue to improve our productivity, this is We should continue to improve product quality in the new year, for example, continue to strengthen the role of QE, QA, which can not only reduce our management costs, but also our access to high-end customers knock on the door; the new year we may continue to optimize the product structure, when Nowadays, the new energy automobile industry has gradually evolved into a new battlefield for automobile enterprises, and even will become the main battlefield. Whether we can find business opportunities from it will determine our future development space and potential. In addition, the lightweight automobile parts brought by the new energy automobile is also a side that we must pay attention to, how to optimize. The structure of our products will become very critical.
Whether in the past or in the future, we still have more or less problems and imperfections. Similarly, as a large family of more than 1,000 people, as a 48-year-old enterprise, it is inevitable that there will be some shortcomings, but we never stop moving forward, so please be an ancient city robot. And pride once.
2018, come on!

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