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Bulletin of "interruption of execution" by quality department staff "incentive measures"

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In the ranking of employee turnover rate of all units in our company in 2017, the employee turnover rate of quality department ranks second, and there is no sign of improvement since 2018. This issue has attracted the attention of the company's top leaders. In the process of further analysis and implementation of the reasons for resignation found that in 2015, because of the high turnover rate of external inspection staff, the company adopted a staff incentive policy for the quality department from August 2015, but not after December 2016. Through further inquiry and implementation of the question, the matter has been restored. Originally, "Quality Department Staff Motivation" is a monthly separate approval. In December 2016, the General Manager of the "Quality Department Staff Motivation Application Report" issued a directive: "Talk about the effect of the implementation of incentive policy for one year, and why the staff left at that time Is the job rate still high? Then come up with an optimization plan to improve! But then, the quality department did not put forward the appropriate optimization plan, nor did it give the general manager a timely reply.
After understanding the above situation, the senior management of the company requests the quality department to resume the staff incentive system of the quality department from January 2018, and puts forward permanent measures to solve the problem of missing report and delaying fundamentally by increasing the items of staff incentive in the monthly salary check list and no longer going through the separate approval procedures.
The problems reflected above are very typical in our company's current management. Many of the rules and regulations made by our company in the course of execution, because of various reasons, walk out of shape, stale. Mainly in the implementation process, encountered difficulties or their own problems can not be solved, did not follow the company's identified problems reflect the process to do, eventually leading to some of the company's systems can not be long-term adherence to the implementation.
To this end, our units, especially the management cadres, should once again reflect on this matter and draw lessons from it. In doing any work, we should not be afraid of problems, let alone cover up problems. We must do it according to the "problem reflection process" formulated by the company. When problems arise, we should first give full play to the subjective initiative to find a solution, if they can not solve, or difficult to implement, to report to the competent leadership in a timely manner, coordinated by the competent leadership to solve. If the leader in charge does not solve the problem, he can report to the higher level supervisor across the level until he reflects to the general manager. Believe in the company's collective efforts, any problem is difficult to overwhelm us, as the problem is resolved, our company's work will be more standardized.

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