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Take the old belt with the new help, and urge the new promotion of quality.

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At the beginning of spring, everything is new. Every unit of the company has taken action step by step and a busy scene. Just after the Lunar New Year, the Quality Inspection Department is the company's earliest department to work, so far nearly half a month, we have come out of the festive atmosphere, into the tense work. Entering the production site, there are new faces and more familiar faces. In the days to come, they will assume the important responsibility of inspecting and storing the products they produce every day. The quality of dry autumn is the first priority. With the expansion of the company's business and the expansion of the scale of production, this year all units have recruitment needs and plans. "How to make the new workers familiar with the work as soon as possible, to cultivate a strong backbone team" in front of the company leadership. Quality Inspection Department cadres want the company to think, urgent company, has worked out a more detailed content of the "staff training plan," adhering to the "unity, forge ahead, realistic, innovative" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the old with the new, conscientiously do a good job of help.
The company's old and new employees continue to change, showing a ladder-like talent team development trend, the overall staff education and quality continues to improve, the staff team continues to strengthen, but the old staff's rich field work experience and skills knowledge has not been effectively passed on, young staff although rich theoretical knowledge, learning ability is strong, but its on-site work. Professional and technical level is still insufficient, for safety regulations, production operations and operating procedures and other corporate system standards of learning superficial, not in-depth understanding and application. The Quality Inspection Department gives full play to the leading role and exemplary role of outstanding employees and "advanced workers", combines with actual production work, utilizes spare time to carry out business skills training for new workers'innovation, gives full play to the role of "passing on, helping and leading" by teachers, carries on the effective inheritance of work experience and operation skills, and improves the new ones. The skill level of workers, in the production site to form a "ratio, learning, catch up, super" strong atmosphere, so that new workers quickly adapt to the site working environment, with the ability to operate independently, it is reasonable to believe that some of them will become the backbone of the company's future development.
One is to transmit, one to one. By imparting professional knowledge, experience and experience to new comrades, old comrades have continuously improved their professional knowledge and post skills, adapted to the needs of new jobs, and urged new comrades to be competent for their jobs as soon as possible. In view of the daily on-the-spot actual work or the related key work, this paper explains in detail the content, requirements and reasons of the safety regulations involved in the related work from the safety aspect, and then carries on the skill operation training from the skill work content, the standard request, the work flow and so on, through the on-site actual operation, the question, the drill, the appraisal and so on many kinds of ways. Quick mastery of skills and knowledge, to promote a new job in production safety and business skills truly "understand people", but also to improve everyone's "quality awareness."
Second, managerial cadres at the grass-roots level, through in-depth understanding of the new ideas, thoughts and actions, constantly grasp the new study, work and life situation, listen to their opinions and demands, and strive to help solve their practical problems and difficulties, and promote the healthy development of new technology.
The three is to bring the master with his apprentice. Comrade Guo Old has established a correct outlook on life and values, promoted new comrades to clarify their aims, rectified their attitudes, and thus made them love their posts and devote themselves to their work.
To take advantage of others and make up for their shortcomings, every employee has benefited greatly from the activities of "passing, helping and carrying". Teachers strictly in accordance with the norms of work to the new staff to pass on experience, teaching methods, teaching skills, solve puzzles, do demonstration, and effectively guide in practice, in the work of guidance. New workers are also growing rapidly in the process of help, and are quick to familiarize themselves with their business skills. To bring the old with the new, to promote the old with the new, everyone jointly enhance, common progress, new and old staff post skills work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility have been greatly enhanced.
Every employee and leader grows from the most common new employee. At present and in the future, a number of new employees have joined the company one after another in the family, guiding the growth of new employees is our leadership and every old staff duty-bound work. May the new and old staff work together to make sure that we can live up to the spring and strive for the development of the company.

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