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Industry dynamics

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Industry dynamics

Technology management reform

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In this hopeful year of 2018, looking back on the previous work, we have made gratifying achievements under the correct leadership of the company and with the active cooperation of colleagues, but there are also some problems. Continuous improvement and tapping potential are still our eternal topic. Improving the quality of products is still the top priority of the technology department and the top priority of our technical work.
Therefore, in order to better develop new products and reduce the scrap rate of mass-produced products, after careful consideration by the company's senior management, we decided to divide the technical part into four functional parts:
The first function is product development.
The second function is field quality control.
The third function part is material research and development.
The fourth function part is mold development.
The first part is responsible for the quotation, evaluation, process and process design, commissioning and small batch production of new products, and APQP submission of new products. When the new product through the improvement of the process, climbing waste rate of less than 7%, the product will be transferred to the site quality control function to continue to improve and maintain.
The second function part: mainly responsible for the preparation of product operation instructions, responsible for continuous quality improvement of mass-produced products and reduce scrap rate, responsible for process implementation inspection and supervision; responsible for customer quality improvement and treatment.
The third function part: mainly responsible for the research and development of new product materials, to do a good job for the first function part of the matching and service; to ensure the improvement of quality of materials in mass production, including customer feedback quality of materials, with the second function part to do a good job in improving materials.
The fourth function part: mainly responsible for the design of new product mold, daily maintenance and management of mold, do a good job of process debugging for the first function part; ensure the improvement of mold quality problems in batch production; cooperate with the second function part to do a good job of process improvement and assembly of batch production products to ensure the on-line mold. It has quality.
Through the above functions allocation and adjustment, the division of labor is more specific and professional. This can give full play to the subjective initiative and work enthusiasm of each function, but also play to the communication and cooperation between functional units. This is more conducive to our quality problems and solutions, but also make our product quality better, faster improvement.
2018 is a year full of hope, but also full of opportunities, but also accompanied by challenges, under the leadership of the company, we can certainly go higher, fly farther.

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