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Industry dynamics

Site management, starting from the drip.

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Yangchun March, flowers bloom, everything revives, the company's various flowers and trees, light powder, novel green, elegant white... Everywhere can smell the fragrance of flowers, the eyes are the breath of spring, intoxicating. But recently there is a picture that is out of tune with the beautiful scenery.
On the morning of March 28, 2018, when the inspectors were watering in the pomegranate garden of the company, they used the water from the pumping canal to water the grass, which the operators thought was water-saving. Mingming company has more reasonable and convenient sprinkler irrigation equipment specially used for watering flowers and plants, but because the Department leadership training is not in place, resulting in water is not saved, but also time-consuming, labor and wealth-hurting, irrigated grass sloping, the surrounding environment made a mess. Think carefully, is this not caused by inadequate management?
The above events again sounded the alarm for our management cadres. Management and training are all important. The general manager often says that there must be a mother in law and a mother in her heart. Before arranging each job, you need to train your subordinates to understand how it works, what it requires, what it's intended to do, so that it doesn't work.
Looking at management in detail, our employees are all good employees, the key is how our management cadres manage, how to manage! To find a way to lead our team, how to maximize the mobilization of staff enthusiasm, so that each work can achieve twice the result with half the effort, this problem deserves our management cadres to think deeply.
A quarter of the year 2018 is now over. In the future, each of us should reflect on whether our work has been done in a right way. How can we improve our work efficiency and how to strengthen our management? Only by doing a good job of on-site management and doing every little step better will the quality of our work be improved to a new level.

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